My super-nerdy recipe book

Old recipe book with new A couple of years ago while visiting my mom at Christmas, I came across my great-grandmother’s recipe book. It was this super-old and ratty spiral-bound notebook that my mom had managed to hold on to all these years. I never met my great-grandmother, but from what I hear she was quite the cook, and I imagine that this particular notebook contained just a handful of the dishes in her repertoire.

I love to make food, and I think I’m a pretty decent cook, but I’ve never had a recipe book to speak of, and I’ve never really written down my recipes in any central location. I also design and make websites for a living so when I decided to start archiving my own recipes I thought, why not make a digital recipe book?

I decided to store my recipes and host this website on Github, a service usually used to collaborate on software projects, especially open-source ones. This gives me the freedom to perfect recipes, with the ability to go back to previous versions to see how they change over time.